Architectural Signage is a key component of an effective wayfinding plan; utilizing the use of architectural elements.

Architectural signage is generally more intuitive, and merges wayfinding with design points or builds of structure or building. The message stays clear, legible and proper placement for accessibility is key.

ADA Signs help identify accessible environments for the disabled. We offers compliant signs and graphics to help you meet federal ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements. Let us help you bring your facility into compliance with our expertise in ADA signage.

Indoor ADA Sign Uses:

  • Point to elevators and exits
  • Identify restrooms
  • Designate volume-control telephones
  • Mark permanently designated rooms and spaces
  • Identify functional areas

Outdoor ADA Sign Uses:

  • Identify parking spaces
  • Note wider walkways
  • Point out passenger loading zones
  • Mark entrances and exits
  • Identify rescue assistance areas
  • Provide directions to the nearest accessible facility