A cabinet sign is internally illuminated and displays your design in vinyl or digitally printed graphics. It can be single or double-sided. This type of sign may be mounted on a pole, wall or monument-style. This type of sign is utilized by businesses that wish to advertise at night or that have 24-hour services, such as: hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, convenience stores, urgent care, grocery stores, etc. Lighted cabinet signs with changeable copy are ideal for businesses which offer daily or weekly specials.

Several face styles are available:

  • Flat acrylic faces are the simplest form of lighted cabinet sign. We can incorporate almost any logo, design and letter style.
  • Flat polycarbonate faces offer the same options as acrylic faces, but are made with a plastic which is nearly unbreakable.
  • Pan faces have a raised flat surface that provides strength as well as a 3-D lighting effect. They can be fabricated with acrylic or polycarbonate.
  • Embossed faces, often called pan faces, display custom raised letters, logos, and designs. They can be fabricated with acrylic or polycarbonate.