Add dimension to your storefront with the affordability in lighted letters and logos. Sign Pro can light up your sign with 5 different lighted letter and logo products. All styles may be flush mounted, raceway mounted or bracket mounted; depending on your needs.

Front lit (sometimes called standard channel letters), are the most common channel letter style. Front lit displays emit illumination only from the front (or face) of the letters. They are often used in both shopping malls and outdoor plazas.

Reverse channel letter signs provide a distinctive and memorable approach to your client's signage program. Reverse channel letters are often utilized by signage clients who value a prestigious image. These letters are sometimes called "halo lit" letters. Reverse channel letters are produced with aluminum faces and returns. These letters are mounted away from the wall so a halo forms behind the letters. A clear polycarbonate back prevents birds and other animals from nesting inside the letter.

Front/back lit channel letters are an excellent choice for a striking and eye-catching signage presence. As the name implies, these letters emit illumination both from the letter front (face) and back.

Just as with standard reverse channel letters, front/back lit letters have a clear polycarbonate back. Front/Back lit letters can have an effective dramatic effect. The combination of both front and rear illumination creates a vibrant and attention-driving channel letter sign.

LED (light emitting diodes) are an emerging illumination technology. LED channel letters offer several advantages over neon illumination. They are energy efficient, economically friendly and a little bit more durable.